Corbyn’s Alternative to ‘Austerity-Lite’ Politics

Resistance Is Fertile

Progressive Taxation, Crackdowns on Corporate Criminals, and Strong Investment

Corbyn has campaigned for a “more progressive” tax system, calling for:

  • Stronger anti-avoidance rules”;
  • “Country-by-country reporting for multinational corporations”;
  • A reform of “small business taxation to tackle avoidance and evasion”;
  • Proper regulation of companies in the UK to “ensure that they pay what they owe””;
  • A reversal of cuts to HMRC staff;[1]
  • And a restoration of “the 50p top rate of income tax”, along with a reversal of “George Osborne’s cuts to corporation tax”.[2]

At the same time, he has stressed the need to “make large reductions in the £93 billion of corporate tax relief and subsidies”. With all of this extra money, Corbyn would hope to set up a “National Investment Bank that would promote infrastructure upgrades and provide support for innovation”, closing the national deficit by “building a strong, growing economy that…

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