Corbyn’s Policy Documents

Resistance Is Fertile

I do not claim that the whole political establishment and economic status quo would change under Jeremy Corbyn, but I do agree completely that he is the best chance we have (under the current electoral system) of moving towards a better, fairer, and freer future in the United Kingdom (or any time soon, at least).

Below are the titles of the key policy documents he has released, which can be seen in full here:

  • Tackling the housing crisis
  • Jeremy for Public Railways
  • Investment, growth and tax justice
  • Better Business [i.e. support for small businesses and co-operatives]
  • Winning with a greener future
  • National Education Service
  • The case for investing in the North
  • A better future for young people
  • Working With Women
  • Peace & defence diversification
  • Mental Health

For more on Corbyn’s campaign for the Labour leadership, see [1], [2], [3], & [4]

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