Corbyn’s Summer Shake-Up (Part One)

Resistance Is Fertile

The last few weeks have arguably been the most interesting that the Labour Party (and British politics in general) has seen for at least a couple of decades.[1] And, although the profound change which British workers need may still seem a long way off, there is clearly a chance under Jeremy Corbyn for them to take a step forward – towards a fairer, more democratic future.

1) Corbyn’s Alternative to ‘Austerity-Lite’ Politics

In the interest of summarising a large amount of positive ideas down into a few key points, the most notable policies Corbyn has called for are:

  • A crackdown on tax avoidance, an end to corporate subsidies, and a “more progressive” tax system;
  • State-led investment to create a genuinely strong economy that can decrease the deficit in the long term;
  • For Britain to use its role in the EU to fight for the rights of…

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