Creasy & the Deputy Leader Candidates

Resistance Is Fertile

There isn’t too much to say regarding the candidates for deputy leader. Prospect Magazine, for example, made it very clear that “none of the candidates were among the left-wing rebels who defied the Labour whip to vote against Tory welfare reforms”. In other words, Jeremy Corbyn was the only candidate of all the leadership and deputy leadership candidates to stand up against the reactionary whip.

Considering that the debate between the deputy candidates was focussed on “practical party management”, there were no big ideological arguments in the contest.[1] Nonetheless, unions generally backed Angela Eagle and Tom Watson, even though the latter seemed to back the right-wing leadership candidate Liz Kendall (saying she was “courageous”).[2] According to Labour List, Eagle was “reliable and highly capable”, whilst being a “vocal defender of LGBT rights”. Watson, meanwhile, was “known for his campaigning” and, like Eagle, considered to be “on…

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