The Independent’s 16 Reasons Why Corbyn Can Win

Resistance Is Fertile

  1. “Thirty-five economists have backed his policies as “sensible””
  2. “The majority of people agree with his policy of renationalising the railways”
  3. He’s a “staunch believer in democracy”
  4. [Blairites] “don’t want him to be leader”
  5. “He’s admirable”
  6. He’s “against personal attacks”
  7. “His progressive tax policies chime with the public”
  8. “The two biggest unions in Britain support him”
  9. “He wants to crack down on tax evasion”
  10. “He tackled Margaret Thatcher over homelessness”
  11. “He opposes nuclear weapons and so do the public”
  12. “He was the lowest expenses-claiming MP”
  13. “His success could lead to a more balanced parliament”
  14. “His policy on tuition fees”
  15. “He didn’t study PPE at Oxford”
  16. “He wants everyone in Britain to have a garden”[1]

There are many others, too. For more, see [2], [3], & [4]

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