The Non-Corbyn Candidates

Resistance Is Fertile

According to Rachael Ward at the Independent, “neither Burnham, Cooper nor Kendall has shown any evidence that they can command confidence outside the Labour Party”.[1] In a rather spineless way, Larry Elliott says in the Guardian, “Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall… have decided the line to take is that while Labour did not do anything wrong” economically (according to the neoliberal consensus) during its time in power, “political reality means they need to apologise anyway”.[2] And that capitalisation to Tory rhetoric is precisely why the campaigns of these three candidates struggled to attract mass support from the public. And, when it became clear they were unpopular with most voters in the leadership election, all three “sent a joint letter [to Labour HQ] alleging that unfair processing of affiliated supporters” was bringing “the integrity of the election into doubt”.[3]

In spite of the poor…

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