The story behind #IStandWithFisher (Tweets)

In my 6 November article about Jeremy Corbyn’s mature and respecful attitude at PMQs when faced with insults directed at his team (which can be seen here at The Canary), I mention the diversion tactics used by David Cameron to distract people from the real political issues of the day. Now, this red-baiting appears to have spread into the ranks of the Labour party itself (once again).

The purge of Corbyn’s policy chief Andrew Fisher has resuscitated the sentiment felt during the Labour leadership elections – when countless leftwingers were purged from the party for not having remained loyal to the Blairite elites. This time, however, the shadow chancellor John McDonnell was quick to support his colleague, saying:

The Jeremy Corbyn for PM campaign on Facebook and Twitter also chipped in, defending Fisher’s record:


The following messages, meanwhile, showed the feelings of some Corbyn supporters on Twitter:

Others claimed that, if anyone should be purged from the Labour party, it should be those who have openly been plotting to overthrow Corbyn:

The attempts of the Labour right to keep a hold of the party are likely to continue, but I would bet that they won’t have much success. After all, they must know that Corbyn has the overwhelming support of both members and sympathisers of the Labour party. And they must know how silly they look when they enter into the red-baiting game.


For more, see this petition

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