Cameron’s family and their love of tax havens

Just to add to this brilliant article by my colleague Carlyn Harvey at The Canary, which exposes how Cameron’s family tried to hide their tax-dodging schemes when he became Prime Minister in 2010, we should also remember this from The Mirror in 2015:

David Cameron’s IN-LAWS have links with a string of tax havens

The recent Panama Papers revelations about Cameron’s millionaire father avoiding taxes through an offshore company are simply not the exception. In 2012, The Guardian spoke about the Prime Minister’s tax-dodging family history four years before the Panama Papers story broke.

Now, Tory donors (including three former Conservative MPs and six peers) have had their connections with offshore firms exposed.

In short, tax avoidance is the rule for Britain’s top 1% – and for their global counterparts. They are the inevitable result of the inherent injustice and inequality which lie at the very heart of capitalist economics.

Iceland’s Prime Minister may have stepped down after mass protests over his own involvement with offshore schemes, but he is likely to be the exception.

International tax avoidance is not going to end without action. Workers throughout the world will need to unite (and be very clear about the principles that unite us) if we want to bring about meaningful change.

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